Customizable wine subscriptions!

All you need to do is to give us a few simple parameters:

  • Frequency – (2/4/6 weeks)
  • # of Bottles– (2/4/6/12+)
  • Ratio of Red/White (our default is 80/20)
  • Average per bottle ($15/20/30/higher! Any of these will give us good latitude in choosing the best for you.)
  • Some of your favorite varietals

That’s all we need!  We’re happy to surprise you and work from feedback or you can give us a bit more direction.

In addition to getting fine wines at good prices on an ongoing basis, subscribers get five additional benefits gratis:

  • 5% off additional wines purchased.  That’s right –being a subscriber gives you 5% off all other wines – think of it as our friends and family sort of deal.
  • Notifications of new wines as they arrive.  We get lots of new things.  We won’t deluge you with wine flavored spam, but we will notify you once in a while when something especially nice comes in.
  • Insider status We do tastings and other fun events!
  • Personal concierge service.  OK, you already get this for free.  But ask away, our team of wine experts will give you answers to any of your wine conundrums, such as “is it gauche to serve red wine with fish?”,  “I like white Zinfandels, what else would I like?”
  • Free Delivery if you live in Capitol Hill in Seattle,  Otherwise we’re around for picking up most anytime.


Contact Dona at to set up your subscription!