Louis de Grenelle Corail Saumur Rosé NV

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Louis de Grenelle Corail Saumur Rosé NV
100% Cabernet Franc | Alc: 12.5% – Dry, Effervescent
Touraine, Loire, France

Winemaker’s notes:
Grenelle Corail Saumur Rosé NV has a deep pink appearance flecked with fine bubbles. The bouquet is a festival of small red fruit (raspberry, wild strawberry) and flowers (iris, violet). On the palate, the wine presents notes of sour candies and red fruit.

Deep under the streets of the Loire Valley town of Saumur, miles and miles of chalk caves meander. Carved centuries ago, many were dug with prison labor under the direction of the king of France. There are so many “streets” underground that they actually outnumber the streets above ground in this beautiful French city.
Two and a half kilometers of underground caves belong to the Cave of Louis de Grenelle, the last remaining family-owned property of the major Saumur sparkling producers. All of the bottles produced by the cave are stocked here, under this bustling market city, and left to age quietly for several years.

A wine for celebration par excellence, this is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany fruit tarts, chocolate gateau or hard cheese.

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