Francis Ford Coppola Winery Sofia 4-Pack Mini Blanc de Blanc

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Francis Ford Coppola Winery Sofia 4-Pack Mini Blanc de Blanc
82% Pinot Blanc, 10% Riesling, 8% Muscat | Alc: 11.5% – Light and Crisp
Central Coast, California

Winemaker’s notes:
Sofia Blanc de Blancs bursts with rich pear, honeysuckle, and exotic passion fruit aromas. Crisp apple, melon, and juicy tangerine flavors fill the palate, with notes of bright lemon and honey evident on the refreshing, mouth-tingling finish.

Non-vintage, 187ml – four Sofia Minis to a pack.

Francis Ford Coppola used to be a great filmmaker. He still makes some good films, but in his heyday, wow! I mean, really – Apocalypse Now? The Godfather? Patton? And tucked in that little phase he put together a tale that I feel is about as autobiographically correct (well… as me as the auto, not him. You’ve heard of My Mother the Car? Maybe instead Your Sommelier as the Car) as any (perhaps tied with The Zero Effect) – the devastatingly great film The Conversation, which might well be argued as Gene Hackman’s finest hour (although he was pretty chilling in Unforgiven. I just read he says he’s officially retired, argh!)
Anyway, right before the Godfather he had a daughter, Sofia (who made one great movie – Lost in Translation, the Platonic outside-the-cave version of a weary business traveler’s tale)… and further along the way he cofounded a winery, Niebaum-Coppola, and about 15 years ago they started making light sparkling wine named after her. Truthfully… not a big fan of the winery in general.
BUT. The sparkling… that’s a bit different. Nearly 10 years ago Dona tasted the Sofia and said… I like it! And it’s hard not to like this wine. It’s bright, bubbly, cheerful, like a prosecco, perhaps. And somewhere along the way they started making these tiny little cans with straws – kind of like juice packs for adults – that I just love. You just can’t go wrong with these smile-worthy bubbly fountains of fun.
I’ve never looked up what the critics say and I just don’t care. I like ’em, and these little babies rock.

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187mL – 4 can box


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